When we started Nitro Snowboards over 30 years ago, there was no grand master plan. Just pure passion for snowboarding and many ideas for products. Not even a business plan or a long-time perspective. We didn’t think about what Nitro would be in 30 years, and we focused only on the stuff we wanted to build.

And after all these years, we still feel humbled whenever we see someone ride one of our products. Somebody who spent their money on something we developed, designed, and produced. It makes us proud and reminds us of our responsibility to make good products for people who want to go snowboarding. We must always remember that we are not system relevant. Nobody actually needs our stuff; we make luxury products for people to have fun with.


One of our key brand values is mutual respect. It starts with our employees, continues with our partners, suppliers, and distributors, and reaches all the way to the riders out there buying our products. This family feel makes us who we are.

We pride ourselves in supporting a great team of riders, many of whom have been with Nitro for their entire career and beyond. Not just a marketing tool, our Team is an indispensable source of inspiration and feedback. Together we build our dreams, the new products we’re all getting stoked about.

Being a privately owned company without obligations towards some anonymous investment company, we are putting the money that’s generated back into snowboarding. It is that feeling of respect and responsibility, which makes our constant reinvestment in snowboarding the most natural thing. There is a network of people who are dedicating their lives to snowboarding, and we depend on each other’s support.

We’re all lifers, so let’s continue to build snowboarding together and have fun in the process!


LAYERS is a featured film documentary dedicated to discovering and celebrating the unique people, places, personalities, and layers behind what we call snowboarding. Since the beginning snowboarding has been more than just the act of using a toy during the winter months; an unintentional global culture has been created. There is more to it than what you see on TV, X-Games, the Olympics, video parts, social media, and your favorite pro's Instagram Feed. Snowboarding is the collective of individual local passion for the people, places, community, and the act of sliding with a smile worldwide.

LAYERS takes us through some of the most well-known and unknown snowboarding locations, communities, and heroes in search of what makes snowboarding more than just a "sport." Dive into conversations and adventures with some of the most dedicated snowboarders in the world – from park shapers, non-profit organizations, shop floor kids, resort owners, video part legends, current pros, and Gold Medalists to the regular snowboarder.

Through this documentary, we have found that snowboarding is a multifaceted ecosystem. Built up of many critical layers balanced together in a world that continues to evolve, and the future depends on every layer within it. Snowboarding is like a flower, and what we currently know is the blossom. Like any living organism, without all the layers, nothing is possible; in turn, these layers have created a culture without borders through snowboarding. LAYERS is a snapshot of some of the people, places, communities, and events that have and continue to shape this snowboarding culture that we are all proud to be a part of.

A Nitro Snowboards & Pablo Films Film
Co-Produced by Red Bull Media House
Presented by SWISS

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