Arbor Padre 2025 Snowboards

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$1,199.99 NZD
By Arbor

High-performance, low-angle, touch-the-ground turns are the hallmark of traditional 
Japanese-style snowboarding, and the Padre draws heavy inspiration from the 
region of the world that has been snow-surfing for over fifty years. This board is a 
set-back, directional, Japanese-influenced gun shape with a powerful camber profile 
that goes fast and turns hard.

2cm Taper
Sintered Base
Real Wood Powerply
2x4 14-Pack Inserts
Recycled Steel Edges
Highland II Core
Mixed Glassing
Grip Tech 2.25 mm
360º Fully Wrapped Sidewalls
Bio Resin
Factory Tuned

8/10 Stiffness

Size Guide

So this is a tricky area. A lot of variation based on riding style, ability, gender; some boards your ride a little shorter or longer than standard. But use this chart as a good basis, and feel free to get in touch about any specific board sizing for your needs.

To decide between two sizes, choose the smaller size if your priority is maneuverability and freestyle performance, choose the larger size if you're focused on riding fast and powder performance. A shorter board will be easier to turn and a longer board will offer better float and stability riding off-piste.

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